Who We Are

ViVaCrochet is a mother daughter duo who love to crochet! Crazy about all things yarny, they're here to share their love for knit and crochet with the world!

Our Manifesto

"Yarn over, pull through a loop. Yarn over, pull through a loop. The easy, repetitive rhythm of crochet stitches flying off your hook lulls you into a relaxed mood of security and peace of mind. Before you know it, you’ve worked up a stunning shawl, or the fluffiest sweater. The indescribable satisfaction that comes from creating a work of art with your own two hands is matched only by sporting it for everyone to marvel at. “Where did you get that?”, they ask. “Its handmade?”, you nod. Your heart soars at the realization that this piece of crochet is one of a kind; made at home, but made for the world. It’s a combination of comfort, resembling an heirloom your mom might have made for you as a child, and fashion, a representation of the very core of your identity. And it’s this complex feeling; of comfort, security and homeliness, intricately tied together with stronger emotions of expression, originality and uniqueness that we want to dress you in, surround you in, engulf you in from head to toe. VivaCrochet, handcrafted from the heart of the home, where each stitch is cast on with purpose and each design is full of raw emotion."

Meet Vimala

Vimala is a teacher, mom of two and certified cat lady! She has been crocheting for over 30 years, and has recently taken to knitting as well. She loves to create her own designs, and finds inspiration in everything around her. A fan of all things colourful, Vimala is prone to stocking up on every shade of every yarn she finds!

Meet Varsha

Varsha is a fashion graduate and crochet designer, who’s been crocheting for just over 18 years. She loves to make knit & crochet fashion and has designed two crochet collections during her university coursework. She takes after her mother in not being able to ever leave a yarn store empty handed!

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